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Elder Law/Long-Term Care Planning/Medicaid Coordination

We are experienced in addressing the specialized needs of elders, people with disabilities, and their families.   Our practice is focused on aging with dignity by utilizing an holistic approach for older individuals, and skillfully address issues of mature estate planning, exploitation of elders, and financial protection.

We take a client first focused approach allowing individuals to age in place if appropriate.  

We work with the individual to provide a plan that allows them to age with dignity.  Our caring and compassionate attorneys use a team approach and provide a continuum of care.

We aim to help seniors manage life choices and make wide-ranging plans with a focus on independence, dignity, and quality of life, by providing practical solutions to preserve the assets they worked their lives to accumulate from long-term care costs. We keeps abreast of the constant changes in Medicaid law to assist seniors in preserving their home, other real estate and liquid assets for spouses and other family members using trusts, deeds, gifting and other strategies. Strategies for preserving assets include:

  • Irrevocable income-only trusts
  • Immediate annuities
  • Life estate deeds and other real estate transfers
  • Conversion of vacation property into productive business property  
  • The purchase of long-term care insurance

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